CAC to create custom indoor environmental quality (IEQ) solutions

July 08, 2020

At CAC2000’s annual general meeting, Steven Marston, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CAC stated that, “in the 2018- 2019 financial year, we endured the greater part of the 18-month road construction works in the Three Miles area and while we are appreciative for the change, the development has negatively impacted our revenues and operating profits. Nevertheless, we have been able to win more projects which will be useful in improving the business’ profitability going forward.”

Furthermore, Mr. Marston spoke on some of CAC’s innovative approaches for the year. One of which was the new and highly confidential Dream Management Programme that works with individual employees to identify and achieve their personal and professional dreams. Consequently, CAC has seen their net promotor score, which is an employee satisfaction tool, trend upwards despite the disruptions of road construction and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Marston and the rest of the management team remain optimistic about revenue generating opportunities in the near future regardless of the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic with the implementation of curfews and indefinite closure of job sites. Notwithstanding, Mr. Marston stated that, “we are taking the opportunity to revise our strategy, improve our operating effectiveness (resources and technology) and bolster our financial base in order to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise as the economy stabilizes.”

CAC already has about 6 months of work on hand to be carried out by its technical team, which would contribute to their revenue generation. The company will continue to work with suppliers to get new products for better prices/terms, while implementing software upgrades to improve their differentiation. During this time, regional projects such as the Barbuda project will continue.

CAC is capitalizing on the business to create custom indoor environmental quality (IEQ) solutions for large offices and BPOs and standard solutions for smaller offices. Marston noted that, “as worldwide trends show, COVID-19 is not going away quickly and vaccines are not expected to be generally available before 2021/2022, so we are focused on supporting our customers in providing safe spaces for their customers and employees – we are already established as the Indoor Environmental Quality experts.”

Another opportunity for cool experts is energy prices, as while oil costs have come in at an all-time low, Management noted that, “it has not reduced our electricity rates because of the increased usage of LNG and devaluation.” Consequently, CAC is expanding its range of solutions to include energy solutions which extend beyond air conditioning. “We are working to help our customers measure and understand their energy use profiles to be able to identify and implement energy saving solutions,” as per Marston about the venture.

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