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Our Management Team

Andrea Ho-Sang: Senior VP-Operations Karen Mitchell: Senior VP-Treasury and Trading, Krishna Singh: Chief Information Officer, Andrea Whittaker: Chief Operating Officer, Damian Whylie: General Manager – Asset Management, Kristen Raymore Reynolds: Assistant VP-Human Resources, Dionne-Marie Harrison: Senior Marketing Manager, Rachel Kirlew: Assistant VP – Investment Banking, Rene Mitchell: Assistant VP- Compliance & Risk, Damali Morgan: Senior Manager- Risk and Portfolio Strategy, Jason Martinez: Senior Manager – Research, Dan Theoc: SVP- Investment Banking.

Andrea Ho-Sang

Senior VP-Operations

Karen Mitchell

Senior VP-Treasury & Trading

Krishna Singh

Chief Information Officer

Andrea Whittaker

Chief Operating Officer

Damian Whylie

General Manager – Asset Management

Kristen Raymore Reynolds

VP - Human Resources

Dionne-Marie Harrison

Senior Marketing Manager

Rachel Kirlew

Assistant VP – Investment Banking

Rene Mitchell

Assistant VP- Compliance & Risk

Damali Morgan

Senior Manager- Risk and Portfolio Strategy

Jason Martinez

Senior Manager – Research

Dan Theoc

SVP- Investment Banking