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1309, 2019

U.S. import prices fall 0.5% while export prices slide 0.6%

Date: September 13, 2019 August’s import prices declined 0.5%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics after rising 0.1% the previous month. This decrease was mostly attributable to the falling prices in fuel imports

1209, 2019

Gas Price Movement- September 12, 2019

Brent Oil Brent oil prices decreased by 0.97% or US$0.59, as prices decreased this week relative to the prior week. Oil traded on September 12, 2019 at a price of US$60.36 per barrel relative to

909, 2019

Net International Reserves- August 2019

Date: September 9, 2019 Net International Reserves- August 2019 Jamaica’s Net International Reserves (NIR) totaled US$2,936.45 million as at August 2019, reflecting a decline of US$14.90 million relative to the US$2,951.35 million reported as at

509, 2019

U.S. Productivity climbed 2.3% in second-quarter 2019

Date: September 5, 2019 Nonfarm Business Sector According to a release from U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 2.3% in the second quarter of 2019, as output increased 1.9%

409, 2019

U.S. Goods and Services Deficit was $54.0 billion

September 4, 2019 Goods and Services Trade Deficit The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis indicated that, “the goods and services deficit was $54.0 billion in July, down $1.5 billion from

409, 2019

Government Operations Results for July 2019

Date: September 4, 2019 Government Operations Results for July 2019 For the period of April to July 2019, the GOJ reported Total Revenues & Grants of $202.06 billion, $3.95 billion more than the Government’s projection.

209, 2019

U.S. Personal Income rose $23.9 billion in July

Date: September 2, 2019 In July, personal income rose $23.9 billion (0.1%) in the U.S. according to estimates released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) climbed $44.4 billion (0.3%) and personal

2608, 2019

PIOJ Press Briefing-: April- June 2019

Date: August 26, 2019 Mr. Wayne Henry, Director General for PIOJ in his address to the audience, highlighted the 2017 Poverty Overturn in addition to the perspective on the likelihood of a global recession and

Net International Reserves

Unemployment Rate

Monthly Inflation Rate

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Central Government Operations

J$ Millions Provisional –Apr-July 2019 Budget – Apr-July 2019
Revenue & Grants 202,064.80 198,115.90
Fiscal Balance (Surplus +/ Deficit -) 7,310.60 -1,709.90
Primary Balance (Surplus +/ Deficit -) 49,321.60 43,704.10