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Investment Banking Services

The Investment Banking Department concentrates on guiding our clients with their investment decisions as well as creating and presenting investment opportunities for them. Our investment banking services include but are not limited to assisting various entities to raise capital in the form of debt and equity by way of private placement and a public offering. Since the inception of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market we have acted as lead broker to sixteen of the thirty stocks currently listed. Additionally, we have brokered various private and public debt transactions which saw us acting as lead broker for the first debt issue to be listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange bond market.

Within the Investment Banking team, we provide tailored solutions to assist our clients with both challenges and opportunities in order to Transform lives positively through lasting relationships.
During the 2016 financial year, we remained active in the financial markets assisting companies in raising capital by way of both debt and or equity. We contributed to the equity market by way of private and public transactions by raising J$315 million and successfully listed a start – up company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market. Additionally, we spearheaded the sale of another private company to private investors and successfully executed a stock split for a Junior Market Company. Notably, the department also raised J$317 million by way of a rights issue for another Junior Market company. The Investment Banking Team structured approximately J$6.7 billion for Jamaican companies, by way of private debt, representing an increase of 53% over the prior year.


Advisory Services: We advise our clients on market timing, structuring, financial analysis, working capital needs, desktop calculation valuation and readiness of any intended capital raise. Our superior customer service and execution strategies enable us to maintain a high client satisfaction rating by way of:

• Improved operational efficiencies; and
• Improved financial results.

Debt Raising:  We structure debt transactions on behalf of our clients. This includes unsecured and secured notes which are governed by the securities, income tax legislation and other appropriate legislation dependent on structure.

Equity Raising: Similar to debt raising, equity financing is done to raise money for working capital in order to scale within their respective industries. This is done by way of Private or Public transactions.

During 2016, we raised J$315 Million in equity for Jamaican businesses. Our most recent listing on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market was Main Event Entertainment Group Limited in February 2017, in which they raised approximately one hundred and twenty million (J$120 Million).

Mergers and Acquisitions: We provide companies with advice relating to purchasing and/or amalgamating. We work with clients from conception to completion. The services provided include advice on structuring and pricing which consists of, but is not limited to, business assessment, analysis and desktop based valuation; analysis of potential synergies and negotiations with the seller. We also provide brokerage services should our client need funding for a particular transaction.

Most recently, we advised on the first acquisition on the Junior Stock Exchange in which Derrimon Trading Company Limited (DTL) owns 75% of Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances (CFF) shares

Divestitures: We assist companies with the sale of their businesses, advising the seller on all facets of the transaction to include, but not limited to: the appropriate structure(s) and pricing and timing of the transaction.

Margin and Corporate Secured Line of Credit: We offer these secured credit facilities to our clients to allow them to purchase additional investment securities or to access corporate working capital support. This facility offers flexibility and removes the tedium and time consuming nature of processing a regular loan.

Year to date June 30, 2017, we have structured corporate margin facilities in excess of J$600 Million.

Mayberry Investments Limited commits people, capital and ideas to help our clients, shareholders and the communities we serve to grow. Our Investment Banking Team is supported by a premier Research Team, which provides our internal and external clients with useful value added financial and economic information to guide investment decisions.