An equity investment is an investment in a Company through the purchasing and holding of a
Company’s shares on a listed exchange. The return on this investment is the income earned from
dividends and capital gains on the shares.
Mayberry Investments is one of the top equity brokers in Jamaica and is consistently ranked as
one of the top three brokers in the of number of trades executions and volumes that cross the
floor of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on an annual basis.
We will manage all of your trading needs by executing all shares purchases and sales on the
Jamaica Stock Exchange.


We trade fixed income securities in the local and international markets. An investment in a fixed
income security offers the investor income from coupon payments on the security as well the
potential for capital gains on the security.
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Cambio Services

Foreign exchange transactions in all major currencies including US dollar, £ sterling, Euro & Canadian dollar.

Exchange Rates

Currency Sell ($) Buy ($)
EUR $175.00 $165.00
CAD $117.00 $112.00
GBP $203.00 $193.00
USD $158.00 $154.00

Rates quoted above reflect Mayberry’s daily opening board rate.
Prices quoted are to be treated as indicative.