CAC2000 to diversify its product offering

June 6, 2018

CAC2000 Limited Annual General Meeting was held today at the Knutsford Court Hotel. Chairman, Mr. Steven Marston, during his presentation outlined the strategies the Company wishes to employ for the 2018 financial year. In FY 2017, he noted CAC2000 implemented a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Operation System to improve customer service and issue resolution. For 2018, he indicated the firm intends to continue with its program on “improving our system and the process we operate with, to ensure that consistent value and services are delivered to our customer across the board.”

 Notably, CAC2000 is in the process of expanding its brands and current offerings whilst diversifying its solutions. In the words of Marston “ CAC200 is not just an air condition firm; we come in, we can do electrical work, you want us to do the plumbing work we can do that too.” Going forward, the firm intends to add these serves either through in-house or by forging partnership with others. Also, he indicated the firm wants to become more consumer-centric by listening more to consumers instead of dictating solutions to them.

Without giving detail, the Chairman also confirmed that the Company is currently dabbling in the energy sector as a mean of diversifying its revenue stream. Management believes there is synergy to derive from entering into the renewable energy sector. According to management, as of 2017, CAC2000 was able to produce AC solutions with 40% less electricity than before.

Additionally, Management has identified opportunities within the Western region of the Island which is currently experiencing growth in the construction sector through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Notably, CAC2000 has already secured expanded office space in Montego Bay in an endeavour to boost its presence in the region.


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