Economic Highlights

27 11, 2017

BOJ Quarterly Press Briefing July – September 2017


The Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) Review of Economic Performance July - September 2017   For the review period July – to September 2017, the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) indicated that, “due to no small part to the successful implementation of the strenuous economic reforms of the recent years, Jamaica has transitioned to a modern competitive

23 11, 2017

BOJ reduces policy interest rate to 3.25%


The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) announced yesterday that the rate offered on overnight placements with the Bank will be reduced by 25 basis points to 3.25%. The Bank noted that the new rate will take effect on November 23, 2017. This reduction according to the Bank, “reflects its assessment that the inflation outlook for FY2017/18

20 11, 2017

Consumer Price Index – October 2017


The inflation rate for the month October 2017 was 0.4%, following an upward movement of 0.7% in September 2017. The movement was attributed mainly to the ‘Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels’ division which recorded an increase of 1.7%. According to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN), the movement was traced to a 2.2%

11 10, 2017

U.S. Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary – August 2017


The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its August 2017 summary of job openings and labor turnover earlier today.  As at August 31st, there were 6.1 million job openings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job openings rate was 4% in August, while the number of job openings was little changed for total private

18 09, 2017

Consumer Price Index- August 2017


The inflation rate for the month August 2017 was 0.3%, following an upward movement of 0.6% in July 2017. The division which recorded the highest movement for the month was ‘Recreation and Culture’ with a 1.3% growth, while the index for ‘Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages’ advanced by 0.6%. STATIN reported that the increase in ‘Recreation

31 08, 2017



The Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) Review of Economic Performance April – June 2017 According to the PIOJ, real GDP grew by 0.3% relative to the comparative quarter in 2016. This was attributed to an estimated increase of 1.2% in the Services Industry, which outweighed a 2.5% decline in the Goods Producing Industry. Within the

29 08, 2017

Producer Price Index: June 2017


The Producer Price Index for both the “Mining and Quarrying” and “Manufacturing” industries improved 1% and 0.1% respectively for the month of June 2017. The growth was attributed to the heaviest weighted group ‘Food, Beverages and Tobacco’ which rose 0.1%. Despite this increase, the movement was tempered by a decline in the Refined Petroleum Products’

24 08, 2017

Bank of Jamaica Reduces Policy Interest Rate


Bank of Jamaica announces that, with effect from 25 August 2017, the rate offered on overnight placements with the Bank, the policy interest rate, will be reduced to 3.50 per cent from 3.75 per cent. The adjustment to the policy rate reflects the Bank’s assessment that inflation will be within BOJ’s inflation target of 4.0

19 07, 2017

U.S. import and export prices index dips for June 2017


U.S. All import prices slid 0.2% in June, the second consecutive decline driven by lower fuel prices.  Although there was a recorded decline in June, U.S. imports increased 1.5% over the previous 12 months according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The price index for fuel imports declined for the fourth month in a

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