22 11, 2018

Overseas Headlines: November 22, 2018


Date: November 22, 2018 United States: Weak Investment Leads Signs of Cooling Momentum in U.S. Economy Weaker-than-projected reports Wednesday on business investment, consumer confidence and the job market signaled the U.S. economy is shifting into a lower gear, leaving less cheer as Americans head into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Orders placed with U.S. factories for

19 11, 2018

Overseas Headlines- November 19, 2018


Date: November 19, 2018  United States: Corporate America's Debt Boom Looks Like a Bust for the Economy Despite strong incentives in the Republican tax plan for American executives to expand, invest and ultimately boost the U.S. economy’s growth potential, a lot of the debt companies are issuing appears to be motivated by something else. Non-financial

16 11, 2018

Overseas Headlines – November 16, 2018


Date: November 16, 2018 United States: World's Biggest Dollar Bull Doubles Down on Euro Pain for 2019 The world’s biggest dollar bull is sticking to his guns as the U.S. economy powers ahead and dangles some of the highest interest rates versus Europe in history. Wall Street’s “America First” playbook in 2019 will pack more

14 11, 2018

Overseas Headlines- November 14, 2018


Date: November 14, 2018  United States: Greenspan Says U.S. May Be Seeing the First Signs of Inflation Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said a rising U.S. debt burden could derail the current expansion and warned the tight labor market could lift inflation. “I’m beginning to see the first signs of it,” Greenspan said about

13 11, 2018

Overseas Headlines- November 13, 2018


Date: November 13, 2018 United States: A Strong U.S. Economy Will Boost Global Growth in 2019 Judging by recent headlines, the global economy is on a wild roller coaster that’s going mostly downhill. There are Brexit, trade wars, Italy’s fight with the European Union, renewed U.S. sanctions on Iran, a Chinese debt bomb, jittery stock

12 11, 2018

Overseas Headlines- November 12, 2018


Date: November 12, 2018 United States: Fed Risks Backlash Reining in Economy Congress Wants to Rev Up The guardian of the punch bowl is at risk of becoming the punching bag. The Federal Reserve continued to signal at its meeting Thursday that “further gradual increases” in interest rates are coming for the “strong” U.S. economy.

1 11, 2018

Overseas Headlines- November 1, 2018


Date: November 1, 2018 United States: U.S. Productivity Posts Best Back-to-Back Quarters Since 2015 Productivity gains in the U.S. posted the best back-to-back quarters since 2015, echoing a pickup in economic growth and offering some hope that faster expansion without stoking inflation is possible. The main measure of nonfarm business employee output per hour increased

31 10, 2018

Overseas Headlines- October 31, 2018


Date: October 31, 2018 United States: Treasury Lifts Long-Term Debt Sales for Fourth Straight Quarter The U.S. Treasury Department will raise the amount of long-term debt it sells to $83 billion this quarter, again concentrating its increases of coupon-bearing debt on securities with five years or less to maturity. In its quarterly refunding announcement on

30 10, 2018

Overseas Headlines- October 30, 2018


Date: October 30, 2018 United States: U.S. Plans More China Tariffs If Trump-Xi Meeting Fails, Sources Say The U.S. is preparing to announce by early December tariffs on all remaining Chinese imports if talks next month between presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping fail to ease the trade war, three people familiar with the matter said.

26 10, 2018

Overseas Headlines- October 26, 2018


Date: October 26, 2018 United States: U.S. GDP Grows Above-Forecast 3.5% on Consumption, Inventories The U.S. economy expanded at a 3.5 percent pace in the third quarter as consumers opened their wallets, businesses restocked inventories and governments boosted spending, marking the strongest back-to-back quarters of growth since 2014. The annualized rate of gains in gross

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