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Corporate Social Responsibility


“Mayberry is committed to giving back to our community. We are especially focused on youth. We reach out to them by helping to build capacity in the key areas of Health, Education, Environment, Youth and Community Development as well as Financial Literacy.

We are passionate about our natural environment and we support capacity building to preserve and enhance our natural environment which we believe is Jamaica’s most valuable resource.

We have outreach programs with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). We believe that the security of each and every Jamaican is the most important contributor to improving the quality of life in our island home”.

– Christopher Berry, Executive Chairman

Community Development

The Mayberry Foundation (the Foundation), in our commitment to being good corporate citizens, we have led, participated and have been associated with various philanthropic work, which has impacted many areas of the society. While our generosity extends to a variety of organizations and special interest groups, there are some key areas where there is targeted support: Health, Education, Environment, Youth and Community Development and Financial Literacy.


Our Assistant-VP of Marketing, Anika Jengelley, along with Dave Kiyvyra, a representative from the Lindamood-Bell Center, observed the teaching technique with a group of elementary students, and a Jamaican teacher trained in using the strategy.

For the second year, we were proud sponsors of the Creative Language Based Learning Summer Programme, which is responsible for implementing the globally accredited Lindamood-Bell instructional strategy in select schools locally. Creative Language Based Learning started out by assisting students in local schools to access the instructional strategy that helps those with reading deficiencies. These students might not be able to afford access to such a programme. Though the programme is designed to help people of any age, the focus in Jamaica has been on Early Childhood Education. Each year, teachers and students are interviewed for entry into an intensive summer immersion programme, which tends to be selective because of the cost implications. Ultimately, those who are chosen, undergo the programme over the course of several weeks, guided by instructors sent here directly from the Lindamood-Bell facility. The progress of the students is monitored on an ongoing basis, while the teachers take methodology back to their schools for implementation in their classes.


Doreen Holness, Investment Advisor, is seen here presenting a trophy on behalf of the Mayberry Foundation at the National Competition of the World Robot Olympiad, held on October 6 at the University of the West Indies Auditorium. The event featured teams competing using LEGO Mindstorms Robotics kits to design, build and programme a robot to perform specified tasks.

New to our list of beneficiaries for 2018 was Halls of Learning, an institution that runs the pre-eminent robotics programme in Jamaica. We had the privilege of partnering with them on hosting the Jamaica finals of the World Robot Olympiad. Robotics, a branch of science and engineering that supports the STEM development in students, has become a proven means of promoting the development of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking in children at an early age.


We have always believed in the development of students not just in the classroom but also as people who will go on to live, work and help support our communities. The idea of the student athlete has always been one that we strongly encourage. As such, we generally take the opportunity to support sports programmes whether in schools or for school aged youth, as much as we can. For the year 2018, we continued our support of the St George’s College Track and Field programme. In the years since the beginning of our partnership, we have not only seen success in the sport but also the creation of avenues for student athletes to access a tertiary education. Elements of the programme include: a meal programme for after school training, which all students on the track team are able to access. We also provide equipment, gear, medical supplies and scholarships.


Here, Mayberry’s Assistant VP of Marketing, Anika Jengelley, Honourary Secretary of Tennis Jamaica, Leroy Brown and Tournament Director, Llockett McGregor pose with some of the winners and runners-up of each category at the trophy ceremony.


Represented here are Stephanie Harrison (far left), Mayberry’s Digital Marketing Manager, Martin Lyn (Centre), President of the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ), and Jodi-Ann Wallace (far right), Marketing Coordinator at LASCO Financial Services Limited. Picture with them at the launch of the meet are some of the weekend’s competitors.

The Mayberry Investments Limited Annual Swim Meet was staged for the 21st consecutive year in 2018. The meet has, for years, been a key developmental event on the calendar of the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ). Mayberry’s Swim Meet is still the only one in Jamaica where swimmers from primary/prep, secondary and tertiary levels all compete across the two-day event. During the year, we had the 7th staging of the Mayberry Investments Limited Junior Open Tennis Championships. This event created an opportunity for local junior tennis players to earn points towards their national ranking. At the secondary level, we sponsored the 4th staging of the S.W. Isaac Henry Track & Field Invitational meet hosted by the St Andrew Technical High School. A pre-Champs event, this meet helps to prepare athletes for the main athletic competition for the track and field season.

Sponsorship Initiatives

While Mayberry supports a variety of charities and charitable initiatives, there are some in particular that have garnered a commitment of annual funding.

  • STATHS (St. Andrew Technical High School)

The Mayberry Foundation’s CEO, Kayree Berry-Teape (far right) shakes hands with acting St Andrew Technical High School’s (STATHS) Principal, Yvonne Mamher-Tafari at the launch of the 4th staging of the SW Isaac-Henry Track & Field Invitational. Joining the ladies are Robert Hill (far left), Chairman of the Board of STATHS and Leroy Cooke, Chairman of the meet’s organising committee.


The Mayberry Foundation was represented at the 2018 staging by CEO, Kayree Berry-Teape, as she presents the sponsorship cheque to the Association’s president, Isolyn Cunningham.

Impact at the community level was maintained through work with some of our long-standing beneficiaries as well as new partners. We again supported the Retired Nurses of Jamaica by sponsoring their Annual Christmas Luncheon. We also joined a growing public/private partnership with the Caribbean Institute of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (CARIMENSA), a self-financing centre of the University of the West Indies.


Mayberry Investments’ Digital Marketing Manager, Stephanie Harrison (far left) and The Mayberry Foundation’s CEO, Kayree Berry-Teape (far right), are joined here by Chairman of the Frantz Fanon Foundation, Mirielle Fanon Mendes France, and Executive Director of the Caribbean Institute of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (CARIMENSA), Professor Frederick Hickling, as Mayberry announces the beginning of a partnership with the self-financing centre, a part of the University of the West Indies. CARIMENSA is one of the few institutions globally that only deals with prevention of mental illness, rather than its treatment.