JBG increased investments in its US Operations

October 28, 2021

Jamaica Broilers Group reported that the overall health of the Company remains in a very good standing, recording a 2% increase in total revenues, for the year ended May 2, 2021, climbing to $56.95 billion from $55.75 billion in 2020 which translated to a 76% increase in net profit to a total of $2.40 billion (2020: $1.36 billion). For the first quarter, JBG reported total revenues of $17.61 billion, a 40% increase on the $12.58 billion reported in 2020 which resulted in a net profit of $275.48 million (2020: $382.64 million).

Chairman, Mr. Robert Levy, reported strong performances in both the US & local markets with special commendations made to the ‘wholesale’ segment of revenue, growing by 10% on a year-over-year basis as well as their ‘value-added’ segment – which consists of their ready to eat products namely, chicken nuggets & breaded chicken wings.  Overall, the value-added segment saw growth in the region of 16%.

Mr. Levy lamented on the rise in the cost of raw materials for JBG’s operations, singling out a rise in animal feed, shipping fees and energy costs as main reasons for customers seeing slight increases in prices as the Company could not absorb those high costs but remained adamant that the Group is still in a strong financial position. Despite the economic environment owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, JBG proudly boasted of their $25 million investment in the local Agri-industry through the Hi-Pro growing initiative. That investment saw JBG gifting 78 tonnes of feed, 20,000 baby chicks and 900 start-up kits.

The Group announced that while Haiti’s market is dynamic and fluid, reporting a 14% increase in revenues from the corresponding period, they will be scaling back the level of investment made in Haiti due mainly to the Country’s political tension and the ability to generate consistent sales.

JBG reiterated their commitment to producing high quality hormone and antibiotic free meat, their commitment to supporting local small farmers through their ‘grow strong’ initiative and generating online sales via www.hiproace.com


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