JSE plans to rollout direct market access next quarter

July 28, 2021

Mrs. Marlene Forrest discussed the company’s financial performance during the last year, noting that revenue was $1.76 billion (2019: $1.896 billion), resulting in a 21.7% drop in net profit to $407 million (2020: $520 million).

It was also highlighted that the Main Market began the year with 59 securities and concluded the year with 63 securities (49 companies). The Junior Market, on the other hand, began and ended with 44 securities (41 companies). The USD Equities Market had 15 securities at the start of the year and 17 securities at the end (13 companies). In 2020, JSE had a total of 92 companies (127 securities) versus 87 companies (122 securities) in 2019.

JSE’s 2020 Infrastructure was geared towards the following:

  1. Enterprise Risk Management
  2. Data Protection
  3. Cyber Security
  4. Environmental Risk Management

As it regards to JSE’s outlook for 2021 and beyond, Mrs. Street-Forrest noted plans to:

  1. Develop markets, new products and services for customers
    • Trading Government securities (in collaboration with the Bank of Jamaica)
    • Direct Market Access (expected to be live in the next quarter)
    • Short Selling (expected to be live in 2022)
    • Digital Assets
    • Data Commercialization
  1. Upgrade of the Corporate Website and Mobile App
  2. Diversify products and services for sustainability
  3. Continue to rationalize and control expenditure
  4. Continue to pursue Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative
  5. Continue to work on Digital Transformation Initiative
  6. Business Solutions geared towards achieving the group’s strategy
  7. Launch of Digital Assets Platform
  8. Continuous upgrade/ enhancements to infrastructure
  9. Business Process Improvements and Document Management
  10. Software Enhancement
  11. Cyber Security and Risk Management Framework
  12. Continuous focus on Staff Training and succession planning


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