Mayberry Invests in Education

Mayberry Invests in Education
Mayberry Investments Ltd. which invests in the stock market and the bond market, has just made its most important investment into a very profitable market, our nation’s youths. At a time when the country is stricken with violence, one of the main causes, is attributed to the wasted potential of the youth of the nation. Through their very short life they lose the innocence which youth gives them, due to the inadequacies of our nation’s support programs.
The National Youth Service in association with the members of the Jamaica Securities Dealers Association (JSDA), (one of them being Mayberry) shares the belief, which is also Mayberry’s belief in Jamaica, as a nation with endless possibilities. The NYS has given the nation’s youth the chance to carry on the belief, that Jamaica, can be the nation, which so many people dream it to be. The funds that were raised are being directed to the NYS’s Success Camp (July – August), which will re-socialize 300 high school students who are about to become expelled due to behavioural problems such as violence.

The NYS program will train 3,500 young people in the 2005-2006 financial year at a cost of $270 million.


(L-R) Keith Duncan Chairman of National Youth Service (NYS), Rev. Adinhair Jones Executive Director NYS, Gary Peart CEO Mayberry Investments Ltd., Kayree Berry-Teape Mayberry’s Marketing Manager.