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Open Mayberry Account

We’re here to help get you started on living the life you deserve.
Each of our clients are assigned an Investment Advisor to assist them in planning and meeting their financial needs and goals.

Let us help you revive your personal finances.

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We welcome investors of all ages to be client’s of Mayberry, however, Accounts for Minors must include an Adult Co-holder.
TRN’s are required along with a valid photo ID and proof of residence.
All Fixed Income/Primary Investments are placed by law in securities backed by the Bank of Jamaica or the Ministry of Finance.
J$1,000,000 or US$8,000
As required by Jamaican Law, withholding tax is deducted upon maturity of all local Fixed Income Investments. However, there are no taxes on Gains made from trading in Equities.
Upon all maturities taxes are withheld by the issuer at source.
Every client is assigned a personal Financial Advisor to assist them in planning for their Financial needs and goals.
Mayberry is a small boutique brokerage offering Equity/Shares listed locally, regionally, and internationally.
A. As a Primary Dealer the firm can place funds for clients in various maturity tenures with securities from the Bank of Jamaica or Ministry of Finance.
B. As a cambio dealer, Mayberry can also serve their clients Foreign Exchange needs.
C. Mayberry can participate in the International Bond markets for our clients, providing diversification options for our clients in various Foreign Currencies.
D. International Mutual Funds managed by GK Funds and CI Funds add additional diversification for clients.

What are the benefits of a Mayberry Account?

  • Clients own the stocks purchased on their behalf
  • Accounts can be financed with either current stock holdings or cash
  • Equity commission charges are waived.
  • Dividends credited to your account
  • Client statements are available at anytime
  • A personal financial advisor is assigned to your account
  • Lower investment management fees than similar type products.