Seprod Reports 33% decline in nine months Net Profit Attributable to Shareholders

For the Nine Months as at September 30, 2017:

Revenue totalled $12.14 billion compared to the $11.10 billion recorded for the same period of the prior financial year; this represents a 9% increase year over year.  Revenue for the quarter totalled $3.77 billion a 8% increase relative to $3.50 billion the prior year.

Cost of Sales rose by 5% from $8.72 billion to $9.19 billion. Consequently, Gross Profits increased 24% to close at $ $2.95 billion (2016: $2.38 billion).

Finance and Other Income for the period totalled $639.59 million relative to $874.76 million in 2016 a 27% decline year over year.

Selling expenses increased by 14% increase to close the nine months at $558.23 million (2016: $488.10 million).  Administrative Expenses for the period increased by 42% to total $1.82 billion (2016: $1.28 billion). As such, Operating Profit declined by 19%, to total $1.21 billion (2016: $1.49 billion). Operating profit for the quarter increased 18% to close at $364.48 million relative to $309.26 million booked for the prior year’s corresponding quarter.

Finance Costs totalled $252.46 million; an increase of 7% compared $235.84 million in 2016. The company reported a loss of results of from associated costs totalling $67.07 million relative to a loss of $740,000 reported in 2016.  Pre-tax Profits declined 29% to $892.25 million in comparison to profits of $1.25 billion last year. Taxation of $309.45 million was booked for the period relative to $308.37 million in 2016. As such, Net Profit for the period totalled $582.79 million (2016: $942.72 million), while for the quarter profit amounted to $120.95 million (2016: $126.95 million).

The company reported Net Profit attributable to shareholders of $725.15 million, a decline of 33% relative to last year (2016: $1.08 billion).  For the quarter net profit attributable to shareholders totaled $194.16 million, relative to the $185.64 million reported in 2016 a 5% increase. Additionally, Seprod reported Total Comprehensive Income of $738.93 million relative to $1.20 billion reported in the corresponding 2016 period.

Earnings Per Share for the nine months ended September 30, 2017 amounted to $1.40 relative to $2.09 for the corresponding period in 2016. The Earnings per share for the quarter was reported at $0.38 relative to $0.36 reported in 2016. The twelve months trailing EPS is $1.43.


Balance Sheet at a Glance:

As at September 30, 2017, the company’s total assets increased by 2% to $18.23 billion from $17.87 billion a year earlier. The major contributor was  an 11% increase in Long Term Receivables closing the period at $3.56 billion relative to $3.20 billion in 2016.

Shareholder equity for the period was $10.41 billion relative to $11.41 billion last year. Book value per share is now $20.15 relative to $22.10 last year.  The number of shares used in our calculations is 516,397,918.