Special Advisory: Key Insurance Company Limited (KEY)

Date: December 09, 2019

Key Insurance Company Limited (KEY) has advised that a round robin resolution was passed on November 6, 2019 to call an Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting for December 3, 2019. Additionally, emanating from a Board of Directors’ meeting convened on December 2, 2019, the following resolutions were passed:

For the Company to approve an offer to issue participating voting shares to the existing shareholders of the Company in proportion to their current shareholding being part of the authorised capital of the Company currently unissued, the same to be offered to the holders of ordinary shares/stock units by way of a Renounceable Rights Issue on such terms (including the number of participating voting shares, the price per participating voting share, the proportion of participating voting shares to be offered in relation to existing ordinary shares/stock units held by the current shareholders and the record date for determining the eligibility of such current ordinary stockholders to subscribe for the participating voting shares; the opening and closing dates of the offer and the withdrawal or non-issuance of the offer) in each case as the Directors and/or any duly appointed Committee of Directors shall determine.

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