We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of our Director and friend, Mr. Sushil Jain. Sushil was the consummate professional, an astute businessman and a great advisor. He possessed a wealth of knowledge and experience in business and financial management.

Sushil was an integral member of our team at Mayberry Investments, where he served as Director for over 11 years. He enlivened each board meeting, AGM and our monthly Forums with his hard-hitting observations, perspicacity and priceless counsel.

Sushil was a stalwart of the Jamaican business community and a man of impeccable integrity; he will certainly be missed!

We use this opportunity to extend heartfelt condolences to his family: his wife, Shashi,  son, Alok, daughter-in-law, Alka and 2 grandchildren, Aashni and Aayush and give our assurance that they are in our prayers at this very sad time. Though not a consolation, we do hope that they will find solace in knowing that Sushil contributed significantly to Jamaica’s business community and more importantly, was a wonderful human being.

Walk good Sushil!