US$7M Japanese-funded solar system handed over to Caricom Secretariat

January 14, 2022

The CARICOM Secretariat today takes charge of a Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Plant, as it sets an example of how the Region can utilize renewable energy resources to move towards greater energy efficiency and resilience.

The 400-kilowaatt solar generation project, with 1,500 solar panels and servers and batteries. The Secretariat is expected to have a net-zero energy balance with excess energy being contributed to the national grid once a power sharing agreement is concluded with Guyana Power and Light Inc. The project was undertaken through a US$17.8M grant agreement between the Governments of Guyana and Japan, US$7M of which was earmarked for the project.

President Ali also spoke of the importance of partnerships and urged Japan to lend further assistance in the area of renewable energy and Japan’s ambassador to Guyana furthered his point commenting, “Japan and Caricom share certain challenges, nationally, regionally and globally, including natural disasters, climate change and the prolonged COVID pandemic. I am proud to note that our collaboration has been progressing in a bilateral way at the community level, making us more resilient”

“President Ali further added, I would encourage our friends from Japan that have mastered a lot of this technology, to also work aggressively… and for you to leave a strong message among the member states, not just Guyana, of our commitment to this form of energy and see how maybe you can work proactively in supporting many of the initiatives we are seeking to pursue,”

“Now Guyana has actively pursued renewable energy opportunities, as part of our energy mix. We are a member of the International Solar Alliance and have been working closely over the past 10 years, with the Energy and Resource Institute, to support the smart development of renewable energy,” he further explained.

According to the President, much of this development was focused on key sectors like manufacturing and agriculture. Additionally, they have been engaged in building capacity and developing technology. He suggested that Guyana is at a stage where it can share some of this resource with the region.



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