October 2017 volume of retail trade down by 1.1% in euro area

Seasonally adjusted retail trade volume declined 1.1% in the euro area (EA19) and 0.5% in the EU28 for October 2017. This decline follows a 0.8% and 0.2% increase in the euro area (EA19) and EU28 recorded in September 2017 according to estimates from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. The main drivers behind the decline were falls in “Food, drinks and tobacco” by 1.3%, 1.1% for non-food products and of 0.1% for automotive fuel.

For the EU28, volume of retail trade slid 0.5% as a result of declines of, “0.9% for “Food, drinks and tobacco” and of 0.8% for non-food products, while automotive fuel remained stable” according to Eurostat. Eurostat further noted, “the largest decreases in the total retail trade volume were registered in Luxembourg (-5.3%), Portugal (-2.3%) and Austria (-1.9%), while the highest increases were observed in Romania (+1.0%), the United Kingdom (+0.9%), Poland and Slovakia (both+0.6%).”


Annual Comparison

For October a% increase was observed in retail trade volume in the euro area, relative to October  2016. This upward movement was attributed to rises of 0.6% for non-food products, of 0.3% for automotive fuel and of 0.2% for “Food, drinks and tobacco”. Within the EU28, a the volume of retail trade  climbed 0.9% due to increases of 1.5% for non-food products, of 0.8% for automotive fuel and of 0.1% for “Food, drinks and tobacco”.

The largest member states which recorded the highest increases in retail trade volume were Romania (+12.6%), Poland (+7.1%), Ireland, Hungary and Malta (all +6.3%). The member states with the largest decreases were Luxembourg (-27.0%), Austria (-2.2%) and Belgium (-2.1%).