Overseas Headlines-January 16, 2020

January 16, 2020

United States:

Trump’s Senate Trial Kicks Off With GOP Moderates Under Pressure

“Donald Trump’s impeachment moves to the GOP-controlled Senate where the president and Democrats will battle over a small group of Republicans whose votes will determine the course of a trial on whether he should be removed from office. The Senate proceedings will begin formally on Thursday with a show of pageantry that includes the reading of two impeachment articles and U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts swearing in 100 senators as jurors. Yet one of the most pressing and contentious issues — whether to meet Democratic demands for witnesses — will remain unresolved for more than a week.”



Sweden Cuts Economic Outlook and Forecasts Negative Rates

“Sweden’s government has slashed its economic forecasts for this year and next as it acknowledges the fallout of a global economic slowdown on its export markets. The Social-Democrat-led administration released a set of estimates that also show it’s expecting interest rates to go negative again next year. The forecast comes less than a month after the Swedish central bank made history by ending five years of subzero rates, arguing the economy was strong enough to handle the step.”



U.S.-China Trade Deal Reality Check: What’s New, What’s Unclear

“The deal signed between the U.S. and China brings a pause in the trade war between the world’s two largest economies. However, it promises some actions China has already taken and skepticism remains as to whether the nation can buy an additional $200 billion in goods and services, including $95 billion in commodities. To achieve the promised increase in purchases, U.S. exports of goods and services have to jump almost 56% this year from 2019 to reach the total laid out in the deal signed by President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, according to Bloomberg calculations.”


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