Special Advisory: Barita Investments Limited (BIL)

August 29, 2018

Barita Investments Limited (BIL) has advised of recent changes to the composition of the Board of Directors of BIL on the acquisition of the Company by Cornerstone Investments Holdings Limited.

At a Board of Director’s meeting held Tuesday, August 28, 2018, resignations were formally tendered by the following Board Members: Messrs. Karl Lewin, Robert Anthony Jenkinson, George W. Cooper and Ms. Enith Williams. The resignations were accepted at the Board Meeting.

The following persons were subsequently nominated and appointed to the Board of Directors of BIL to fill the casual vacancies of the sitting members of the Board: Messrs. Mark Myers, Paul Simpson, Duncan Stewart, Robert Drummond, Phillip Lee and Mr. James Godfrey.

BIL further advised that effective August 28, 2018, the full members of the Board of Directors of the Company are as follows:

  1. Mr. Mark Myers                       –   Chairman
  2. Mr. Paul Simpson                     –   Deputy Chairman
  3. Mr. Duncan Stewart                 –   Director
  4. Mr. Robert Drummond             –   Director
  5. Mr. James Godfrey                   –   Director
  6. Mr. Phillip Lee                         –   Director
  7. Mr. Carl Domville                    –   Director
  8. Mr. Ian McNaughton                –   Director
  9. Mrs. Rita Humphries-Lewin     –   Director