Stanley plans to maintain full rental for all spaces

Date: September 10, 2019

Stanley Motta Limited, after listing in July 2018, has had an incredible year, with a 100% occupancy rate and final valuation on the occupied properties. The Company’s revenue increased to $269.76 million compared to $72.26 million in the previous year. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Melanie Subratie, at the Company’s 1st Annual General Meeting highlighted that, “the increase in revenue for the year and quarter was due to income from Unit 4 and the acquisition of Unity Capital which owns Unit 5 and therefore, increased the square footage available for rent.” In addition, profit was up to $1.99 billion in 2018 from $853.61 million reported in 2017.

Furthermore, there has been an increase in value for investment properties over the last three years, up from $399 million to approximately $4.7 billion at the end of 2018.  The Company continues to look at tenants and pop up experiences to meet the needs and expectations of tenants onsite. Notably, with the Company having leases signed for the next five years, allows Stanley Motta to maintain a 100% occupancy rate. However, the Company is seeking additional space in attempt to meet the excess demand.

Lastly, the CEO, Melanie Subratie, concluded by stating the plans for the future:

  • Continuing to target the growing BPO sector
  • Further environmental investments
  • Increased revenue next year as each month every square foot of rentable space will be income producing for the entire year


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